Day 2- South Carolina

I wake up before sunrise on Thursday morning in South Carolina. Slept through all of Georgia. The conifers are much taller and more dense here. Broad leafed black oak and river birch take root on the thick green forest bed. Instead of swamp, occasional bogs and rivers dot the subtropical deciduous forest. Where as the Florida rails seemed more like piled up jetties of dry land with swamp on each side, the Carolina rail seems as if it is a gash carved into the pristine forest, sitting low beneath the tree line. We haven’t stopped once in this state and it seems like there aren’t any. We have been traveling through unbroken forest all morning. An occasional dirt road comes to meet the rail, or a small clearing in the brush. Other than this you would think this entire landscape had never been touched by human hands. I’m sure that much of it hasn’t.

The Germans call hefeweizen a breakfast beer. It was a rather fitful sleep in coach however. I think I’ll stick with coffee today. Bacon and eggs in the dining car, watching the sunrise on the trees that pass me by.


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