Dining car

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

For dinner, the herb roasted chicken, a perfect companion to my Sierra Nevada pale ale. The cascade hop bitterness cuts nicely through the fat and crispy browned skin of the bird, cleansing the palate as if each bite thereafter were the very first. The piney aromas of the beer dance with rosemary, cracked pepper, and lemon citrus, emboldening each one separately and building them together into a perfect bite.

America is slowly changing. 10 years ago this pairing could not have happened as it did. It is still undoubtedly the big name, tasteless, industry lagers that flood the supermarkets and mobile bars of this country. Bars in circus tents, food trucks, trains, and at catered office christmas parties, will 99% of the time be serving these watery beverages they call beer. However, finding good craft beer is getting easier every year. Although Sierra Nevada is not a giant leap into craft brew culture (like a hop crazy american double IPA or an Imperial Chocolate Stout ) it is still a good craft beer. And seeing it on the shelves of poorly stocked bars is a step in the right direction. The beer revolution is upon us. It is only a matter of time before you will start seeing Dogfish 60 minute or Rogue Dead Guy Ale at stadiums and concert halls. Perhaps you have already noticed your local liquor store stocking up on Hop Wallop and Flying Dog Oyster Stout. If your local bar doesn’t already sport at least a few craft brews its time to find a new watering hole.

This is a good time to be a beer drinker. Good beer is coming and good beer is here, and indeed it will always be.



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