Washington D.C.

You are looking at the best chili dog in the country. At Ben’s Chili Bowl on U street you can get a half smoke for 4$. It is life changing. A half pork half beef smoked sausage on a bun with onions, mustard, and a whole lot of secret recipe chili on top. But how did you get here on U street at 2 in the morning eating this food of the gods…

The Brixton English pub on 9th street, 8 pm. A three-tier classic DC gastropub with an open rooftop bar. My first meal at this pub, and in DC, is fish and chips with a 16oz German hefe-weizen. Julius Echter of Würzburger Hofbräu. Contrary to popular belief an English Bitter, although still good, is not the best pairing for Fish and Chips. Garret Oliver highlighted me to this fact in The Brewmasters Table, an excellent read for anyone looking to do a deep dive into beer styles. I haven’t thought twice on it since. Of course the citrus and clove of the Hef mingle well with Atlantic cod. Fruity esters and fresh fish were made for each other.

Down the street a few blocks is The Saloon. An underground stone walled tap room with plenty of Bavarian brews. A beefy auburn dopplebock with garlic toasted fava beans (insert Hannibal Lecter joke). But seriously this is a damn good bar snack. And the fact that it comes from a candy jar at the end of the bar makes it all the better.

Finally, The Gibson, a one room speakeasy with no windows and only a few dim red bulbs hanging naked from the ceiling. There is no sign or even a front for that matter. It’s just an oddly placed single black door in an alleyway off of U street.

Ben’s half smoke is the only true way to finish a night like this on the corridor.



2 thoughts on “Washington D.C.

  1. Wow looks amazing! You seem to find the greatest places to eat, and if you recommend it as “life changing” I have to book my ticket for DC today! I still cant get over the “Life Changing” oysters in New Orleans.

  2. I’m eating living foods right now…so it hard to imagine that it would taste so good! And I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself so much.

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