Common Beer Law

Went to the Commons Brewery for a beer flight yesterday. A relatively new brewery in south east Portland’s warehouse district. Glass panel factory doors open directly to the tap room which coincidentally is also their brewing room as well. And their conditioning room and ingredient storage room. You can tell by looking at this facility that Portland does not have too many arbitrary beer regulations to impede the growth of the industry. If everything is clean and the beer tastes good Portland will let you serve and drink it anywhere. Portland wants you to brew and wants you to drink good beer. There are not many cities where you can drink in a tap room next to a boil kettle and take a growler to go.

And look where this friendly atmosphere has taken them. Once a fairly rough city of strip clubs and liquor stores Portland is now a giant beer garden. The strip clubs are still here, but now they have good beer, and good beer invariably attracts good people, the best people. Musicians, writers, bikers, dog people, all drinking beer on every street corner, enjoying the sights and each others company.

I take a 4oz sample of Common’s Farmhouse Ale (a crisp and refreshing French style bier) right up the stainless steel stairs to the brew kettle. Modern brewing technology meets hundred year old style. Food grade tubing and electronic temperature gauges monitor a beer that was brewed hundreds of years ago in houses and barns for farm hands. There is always someone in Portland brewing what your looking for, and its never hard to find it.


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