The growler tradition. 64 ounces of beer in a glass jug you can take to go. What more could you need. Take your growler around town with you in Portland and you will never go thirsty. The cheapest fill I encountered was at Alameda Brewhouse for $15. Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA, a true northwest hop bomb. Portland loves their IPA’s, and this beer will show you why. The cascade hops boldly sit on the beer giving off a piney floral aroma. Spicy citrus carbonation wakes up the palate and unapologetically slaps you in the face. And I have 64 ounces to go.

It seems as if every bar in this city has a brew kettle in the back. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s like an homage to a time when beer was brewed only at small inns and houses. Smells of toasted barley and malty sweetness permeate the bars.

People are happier here. You can walk into a bar and not feel like you just walked into a bad drug deal. The bartenders love beer and aren’t pretentious about their knowledge. Bottles in coolers line every available wall. Peruse the vast selection; Vlad the Imp Aler, Hop Wallop, La Folie. You can’t make a bad choice. Take a bottle to the bar and sink into the pleasant warmth of a summer afternoon in beervana.


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