Repeal Day

Today marks the 81st anniversary of the day the 21st amendment was ratified, allowing the sale and manufacture of alcohol in the United States after almost 14 years of prohibition. It is an amendment which I hold dear for the fact that it allows me to come to work every morning and brew the beers I have come to love and appreciate. Today is a day to remember that craft beer wasn’t always what it is today. There were many battles fought and hurdles surpassed to get us to where we are today. It is worthy to note that we are just now begining to exceed the number of breweries this country had in the 1880’s. Craft beer has survived, and that alone is worth a toast. So as you get off work today and order your drink of choice, whether beer, or wine, or distilled libation, take a brief moment of silence to think about the men and women who worked hard to make these little moments of pleasure possible. I for one will raise my glass to their noble cause.



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